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Wild Nights with Emily

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The poet Emily Dickinson's persona, popularized since her death, has been that of a reclusive spinster - a delicate wallflower, too sensitive for this world. In this humorous drama, Molly Shannon captures the vivacious, irreverent side of Emily Dickinson that was covered up for years - most notably Emily's lifelong romantic relationship with another woman (Susan Ziegler). After Emily's death, a rivalry emerges when her brother's mistress (Amy Seimetz) along with editor T.W. Higginson (Brett Gelman) published a book of Emily's poems. Unique and surreal, WILD NIGHTS WITH EMILY sheds new light on the life one of our most celebrated poets.

Cast: Molly Shannon
Studio: Films We Like
Producers: Madeleine Olnek, Casper Andreas, Max Rifkind-Barron, Anna Margarita Albelo
Running Time: 84 minutes
Trailer: Watch trailer

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